GIS and Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is an efficient method to gain spatial information for greater areas. Nowadays there are numerous powerful remote sensing sensors available which can be employed for a broad spectrum of tasks.

We are experts in remote sensing. According to the demand of the customer we choose the suitable sensor and perform the data analysis with "state of the art" methods. Where ever it is possible we use free available satellite data to minimise the cost for the projects. The customer gets as a result just the information they need.

For effective workflows with spatial data we design and adapt GIS (Geographical Information Systems) for an efficient administration, analysis and distribution of spatial information. Thereby we take care that the systems are efficient, robust and easy to maintain. So the total cost of ownership (TOC) for the system can be reduced.

On the one hand we master the GIS products of the market leader but we are as well experts in the open-source software packets so that we can choose the most suitable solution for your application. We do the conception of the total system, assist by the migration from other systems and train your staff.

A speciality is the creation of digital atlases for the distribution of data and information with spatial reference, either as "stand alone" solution or web-based, however without complex map server technologies and underlying powerful databases.