Unmanned aerial systems

We develope, sell and apply UAS "Unmanned Aerial Systems" for high resolution remote sensing for civilian applications in industry, ressource management, agriculture and science. Our UAS can be equipped with  different cameras (optical, multi-spectral, thermal) as well as other sensors (meteorological sensors, air probe sensors, etc.)

Our UAS can be used in a wide range of application

  • surveying
  • precision farming
  • forestry
  • open pit mining
  • costal erosion
  • hydrology
  • assessing settlement dynamics
  • search and rescue
  • disaster management
  • archeology
  • and many more

We develop and work with different types and sizes of UAS for different tasks

In past we developed the following products:


Development iniciated and lead by Dr H.-P. Thamm  (pivot mounted arms in licence of the patent of Jonathan Hesselbarth)


June 2014
First flying prototype  (by Geo-Technic, Dr Hans-Peter Thamm, design Grimm), pivot mounted engine armes in licence of Jonathan Hesselbarth

August 2014
First pre-serie prototype (Geo-Technic), pivot mounted engine armes in licence of Jonathan Hesselbarth

Mai 2015
Founding of AEROLUTION GmbH for production an sales of the SONGBIRD ( Dr. H.-P.r Thamm - CTO, R. Jansen - COO, M. Mönninghoff - Sales, M. Meyer - CEO, Brieger - Chief Engineer), pivot mounted engine armes in licence of Jonathan Hesselbarth. Development of the SONGBIRD 500 with a take off weight below 5 kg and 500 g payload.

Juni 2016
Development of new pivot engine armes  - the patent of Jonathan Hesselbarth is not necessary any more

Dezember 2016
Asset deal germandrones buys the assets of the AEROLUTION GmbH (R. Ferner - COO, K. Scho - CEO, Dr H.-P. Thamm -  CTO, N.Brieger - Chie Engineer). Further development and sales of the SONGBIRDS .

  • vertical take off and landing
  • no air strip required
  • easy to operate
  • very good flight properties
  • max speed up to 160 km/h
  • payload 1,4 kg
  • flight time > 1 h
  • autopilot
  • 3 m wingspan
  • GFK / Carbon compound

The VTOL SONGBIRD combines the advantages of a copter (vertical start and landing) and advantages of the fixed wing UAS (long flight time, covering large areas, high flight speed).


SONGBIRD start flight landing (2014-11-11):  
SONGBIRD start flight landing (2014-10-14):  
SONGBIRD (normal start and start in forest) (2014-10-24):  
SONGBIRD (complete flight, take off, flight, landing (2014-11-14):  

The actual SONGBIRD is actual (28.12.2017) produced and sold by germandrones gmbh

Parachute  UAS SUSI 62 (Save Universel Sensor and Instrument carrier):

Very robust, extrem easy to use and cost efficient special solution for harsh environment.

Start production of the first versions in 2005

  • heigh payload (up to  8 kg)
  • robust 2-Takt engine
  • long flight time (up to 3 h),
  • very robust
  • very safe
  • very easy to fly
  • easy to repair
  • needs run way
  • can be operated up to
    7 m/s wind speed



SUSI 62 take off Tanzania

[ video : ]

SUSI 62 landing in a Wetland in Tanzania

[ video :]

SUSI 62 preparation of a runway

[ video : ]

SUSI 62 flying in the air

[ video : ]
SUSI 62 start detail
[ video : ]
SUSI 62 landing detail
[ video : ]


Properties of SUSI 62

Take Off Weight 16 kg
Payload 8 kg
Flight time up to 3 h
Engine 5.5 hp two stroke, 62 ccm
electrical starter

different sensors
optical, multi spectral,

sensors gimbal mounted

Maximum Flight height up to 4500 m
Two different parachutes 6.0 m² and 3.5 m²
Max flight speed

6.0 m²: 45 km/h
3.6 m²: 55 km/h

Wind speed limit for operaton max 8 m/s
Frame Steel with alloy joints
can be dismanteld