Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and more

We are an innovative company offering solutions in remote sensing and geo-informatics.


Gaining spatial data  – organising spatial data – analysing data –  presenation data

We are specialised in the setup of efficient, easy to use and easy to maintain workflows.
One important branch are UAS (unmanned aerial systems - "drones") for civil applications in industry, agriculture and research. Wie develop, build, sell and apply UAS for different tasks in:
  • industry
  • science
  • agriculture / forestry 
  • landscape plannng
  • hydrology
  • mining
  • disaster management
  • archeology
  • and much aplications more

We apply different sensors at our UAS (optic, multispectral, thermal). As well it is possible to customise the UAS for special demands (e.g. air probes, temperature,..).

An other important branch is working with satellite images and the design applications and training in GIS (geographical information systems)