Geo-Data, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and much more

We are an innovative company offering solutions in remote sensing and geo-informatics.

Gaining spatial data  – organising spatial data – analysing data –  presentation data - triggering action


Design, building, sales and application of UAS

Innovative, robust, long lasting and simple to use devices for professionals. The TCO ("Total Cost of Ownership") must be cheaper than comparatable solutions. 

Design and creation of complete work flows 

Seamless integration of UAS in the work flow for various applications (agriculture, mining, surveying, industrial applications)

problem analysis => application UAS => data analysis and information extraction => triggering of actions (e.g. spraying of herbicides).

To a wide range automatic processing.

Gaining, organising and analysis of spatial data

Acquiring of spatial information with UAS, aerial photos, satellite images and terrestrial survey.
Build up of GIS and data bases (stand alone and web) connections.
Experience in field work even in harsh environments (deserts, swamps, rain forests, ice, large altitude)

Build up of geographical information systems (GIS) 

From simple "stand alone" applications to large complex integrated Web-GIS solutions with powerful databases. Our solutions are functional, robust, user friendly, extendible and good to maintain. Beside the commercial products of the market leader we are experts in open source software.

Training in work with spatial data

Remote Sensing, GIS, Geo-Informatics, Geo-Statistics, Modelling. From beginner level to "train the trainer" programs.
Custom tailored courses for companies (manufactures of agricultural machines) and institutions (GIZ, VDI, government departments) are possible