we offering the following services

  • surveying
  • mapping / ressource management
  • agriculture/forestry
  • inspection
  • security
  • transport

therefore we apply different drone types

copter fixed wing hybrid
precise surveying of smaller areas
security for smaller areas
mapping of large areas
surveying of large areas
agricultural applycation
same tasks as fixed wing
does not need run way
very safe start and landing
complete automatic operation

we apply a wide range of sensors

  • optical
  • termal
  • multi-spectral
  • hyper-spectral
  • lidar
    and other sensors on demand

in combination with precise RTK high geometric precision are possible

we are experts in remote sensing, photogrammetry and image processing & information extraction

From small projects with a couple of 100 images to large projects with many 100,000 images we have the appropriate organising/processing/distribution solution